Having Mixed Softball Teams Leads to Amazing Porn Videos

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Our company is pretty big and we have a great team building team. They organize a softball league in our company and the most interesting part is the fact that the times are mixed. So, there is no male or sexy female league, but we all play together. Therefore, the situation in the locker rooms would be a pretty good inspiration for somebody who would want to shoot some HD porn videos.

I wouldn’t go that far, but I got interested in one of the guys from the other part of the company. He looks really cool in his softball black uniform and I wouldn’t mind taking it off him and seeing him naked.

After our BBC championship, that is exactly what I thought I should do. Once us Asian girls finished with showering and dressing up, we all headed for the exit. On our way, we need to go past the male locker room. I noticed that only Rob, the guy I liked, was left inside, still taking a shower. I waited for all the other females go, as I was left unnoticed and I slipped inside the locker room. Rob didn’t see me coming so I dropped my clothes on the floor and sneaked in behind him.

“Do you mind if I join you and we will make a few HD porn sex videos?” I asked him, standing naked in front of him.

His dick wished me welcome, by becoming hard immediately. I approached Rob and kissed him. He embraced me with both of his hands and pulled me in tightly. I could feel his dick between my thighs. I stroked it a bit while Rob was rubbing my clit and slipping his finger inside my twat from time to time. I turned my back to him, spread my legs and hold on to the bathroom wall. Rob grabbed my hips, pulled them a little bit up, took his cock and started pounding me under the shower. As the hot water was sliding both of our backs, we were fucking like crazy.

The only problem with sex under the shower is that you don’t have all that many X-rated positions that you may safely try. However, I am a huge fan of being fucked from behind, so this was just the way I like it. I loved the sound of water splashing every time Rob’s body hit mine. He was so strong and he didn’t stop once he caught the rhythm. At first, I tried to move my hips and make things more interesting, but Rob was so determined to fuck me hard that my movements would only disturb his amazing rhythm.

So I just stood there still, keeping my pelvis as firm as I could and waited for that explosion of orgasm to come over me. It came soon enough and my legs started to give up on me. Rob just took me by my waist and helped me stand a little longer until he jazzed all over my back. My teen pussy was more than happy to take that load of cum.

We finished having the shower together, cleaned up laughing and decided that we’d meet up again. The sex was really like from a xxx video. So, needless to say, I cannot wait for another softball tournament to have the anal pleasure with that cute guy. You can watch these free porn videos at Jonnytube.com.

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